Saturday, February 11, 2012

Grey days of February.

While giving the studio a thorough tidy I came across a stash of old hankies I've been carrying around for years. They were given to me years ago by my mother and if I'm remembering correctly some of them were once my grandmother's. The delicate stitches on the thin white cotton captures my attention every time I pull them out. I started a few studies in watercolour attempting to mimic the fine embroidered patterns.

I'm still new to the world of watercolours and have much to learn. My grandmother prided herself on using watercolours as a medium, saying that pastels were 'just too easy, if you make a mistake all you have to do is erase it!' After binning a few pieces already I'm thinking it might be time to switch to pastels.

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  1. These are really lovely my dear! Don't stop with just the corner. x